Monday, May 4, 2009

11 north 17 west (aka no gas 'tween the soo & wawa)

hey everybody

well we are finishing breaky in WAWA!!! i'm gonna put up a bunch of pics and video later today but for now thought i'd give a quick recap......

Wed, April 29 - we played at the golden pheasant in St catherines....this place was funky....real roadhouse feel to it. the owner, jack, was an awesome dude and had lots of great tales for us. we had a fun time playing even though it was sparsely attended. we did get to see our friends betty & joe so that was cool! there was a high crazy quotient here as most of the regulars were kinda barflyish but fun peeps. we met a local named bob who was by far the craziest we've met on this trip. we like dhim so much we gave him a hat. bob had a killer ray charles impression too!

Thurs, April 30 - we played in toronto around the corner from my sisters house. the club is called the pressclub and is a nice laid back spot. great people here. big thanks to ian and mikael. good times had by all even if it was a little sweaty!!! we enjoyed some bobby duvals, which is a shot of jamesons with some amaretto.....mmmmmmmmm.

Friday may 1 - collingwood. home of the elis impersonators. we love this town. lots of fun. we had promised last time that we would have a few pops with them when we came back through and we didnt let them down. we have some great podcast footage as well as some fine pics that i will post later on.....we stayed at our friends allison and heathers art studio where there were many facinating artifacts like a chrome deers head, obama action figure and a playboy from 1962! we had a lot of fun much to the dismay of the guy down the hall (who wasnt suposed to be there) ....he confronted our little gang when we got there and said he was going to call the owner of the building as he "knew him". turns out the guy was the owner of the buildings he in fact called his daddy on us. party pooper. we decided to have fun anyway. so we did.

Sat may 2 - we got up and had a surly breakfast at chartreus.....then hit the road for north bay....we played at 100 georges. great spot....awesome food...tied with the oasis for the guilty of being deliscious award. we had a lot of fun with the patrons and staff alike. good dancing here folks! after the gig we went back to our home in NB. the ole voyager hotel, or the VOY as the regulars call it. last time we were here we were sure the maids were running another business (hookers) out of the hotel...this time we didnt even see a maid. weird.

sun may 3 - drive drive drive. we decided to abandon our cheap hotel in the soo for the option to drive farther thus allowing us to try another round of engine cuisine...aka hit sudbury grocery store hard. pork, sausage and cabbage rolls. this turned out to be a bit of an error in judgement. when we hit the soo the liquor store was closed cause we forgotit was sundeeee! we also didnt get gas in the soo thinking the half tank we had would get us to the next town for a fill up. WRONG. there is no post 9pm fill up between the soo and wawa. so we found a spot with cell reception, called in our wishes for gasoline to CAA and had a sandwich picnic. once we hit wawa we went right to the Beaver motel (yup) to get a cheap room. turns out that after midnight all the cheap hotels are closed. we ended up staying at the motor inn for extra bucks...the good thing here was that the bar stayed open for us to get some "relaxers" into us. an hour later we were relaxing in the hotel room...we grabbed the food off the carbque and realized the pork was lost....good news was the cabbage rolls were hot! (ok warm) so we ate em....we sliced and diced the sausage and fried it on our in room coffee maker to have a deliscious in room meal of cabbage rolls n sausage!!! after reviewing our video footage we have decided to post some in the next 24hrs. got some gems folks! 

so that about does it...we're about to leave the ole wawa motor inn (largest fireplace in northern ontario! true story!) to head for thunder bay...we hope to have a cheap room before we hit TB so we can put our new podcast together. it should be up tomorrow night so i'll let y'all know. we have some gems this week folks!

talk to you soon,


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