Saturday, May 9, 2009

winterpeg and reginacology

well we were happy to split outta thunder bay. we settled into ruby for the drive to winnipeg, stonewall to be precise. we got in about 10pm to dan and kristens house.  dan is my cousin and he and kristen treat us sooo good. it is always awesomeness to have family to visit. we had a nice chat and then crashed hard. deliscious breaky int he morning which in most likely goint ot win breaky of the week for next weeks podcast is early...could be more great breaky in the future! after breaky we got back in the van to head for regina....home of our first saskatchewan gig ever! 

we got to regina event free and found our venue. ole mcnallys tavern. good sound system, nice staff. looked like all would be good. sounds check was pretty quick and we had some time to kill.....

 i didnt realize my phone hadnt changed time and i ended up thinking it was an hour later all was a small crowd but we had fun. met some nice peeps and sold some cds. good night all in all. oh yeah...i forgot to mention that our waitress was going to a lesbian baking party after her shift so we tried to convince her to bring us back some baked goods by telling her that lesbians love us! (no really, thats a true story) and she did!!!!

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