Friday, May 22, 2009

i found my hat, everything is broken.

hey all,

we are in sunny kelowna right now and it is beautiful. i just dropped my guitar off at the local store to get fixed. seems her  jack aint quite right. i think she ran into a door or something. shilo our tech guy there said he can have her right by tomorrow. wicked! soon we are off to future shop to try and get our camera fixed as i may have had a mishap with it involving the floor.

i forgot to mention that in calgary i found my long lost hat!!!! when we played cowtown last fall i left my hat at sailor chucky's house AKA the vista compound. well i was pretty stoked to walk in and find it hanging roughly right where i left it last november! 

tonight we hit up lorenzo's cafe. last time we played here we met Robert Planet, the one armed man. 100% pure crazy. we are excited at the thought that he may be there again! stay tuned. we'll see if we can get some footage this time!

the new podcast is up too  check it out. this week features tunes from mike clark, carter chaplin, donnie dunphy and the sufferin bastards! check it!!!

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