Sunday, May 24, 2009

a breakfast worth waiting for

hi everyone

so last friday night we played in enderby at lorenzo's cafe. this is a super funky place that is in a huge old house. the floors are hardwood from an old bowling ally. all the railing posts are in fact bowling pins and there is one functional lane out back. we hard a tiny crowd but a very large time. the last time we played here we met Robert Planet AKA the one armed man. good crazy. anyway no sightings of ole RP this time but we had fn anyway. the point of this story is that last fall when here we had breaky the next morning at a place called lulu's. we had the best eggs benny we had on the whole tour. needless to say we were stoked for the return. at lorenzo's lauren the waitress said we should go to hungry jacks, which is a cheap diner sorta spot were all the locals go. we hummed and hawed a lot and became concerned when tracy, another local, told us that they dont even serve benny at lulu's any more.   when we were comparing notes with locals to see where we should go another fella did say though, that lulu's was "a fancier place where they come right to your table and serve you"! after much thought we decided we'd try lulu's anyway. upon arrival i asked if they still had canada's best eggs benny and she said no. we panicked. i started to throw a flail on the floor fit. hitting emergency mode we started to eggsplain (haha) that we had it last time and it was the best ect, etc AND that i had, in fact, abstained from EB's all across canada cause i wanted the BEST! once she realized we weren't staying without EB's she said she'd "ask the kitchen". having been in the sevice industry for ten years i expected the kitchen to say up yers. HOWEVER....we were delighted that they would in fact whip us up a homemade eggs benny. let me tell ya, it was awesome awesome awesome. once again we got our way and all was good in the world. if you are in exotic dowtown enderby, make sure you stop by lulu's. tell 'em the bastards sent ya!


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