Saturday, May 9, 2009

fear & loathing in thunder bay

wow. Thunder bay is a full on shit hole. we hit t-bay monday night and holed up in a rather pricey but safe hotel. the thunder bay inn is a nice enough spot but the guy who ran it was a tight ass. no guests or deliveries after 10.30pm, rations of ice in small little bags and unwillingness to give shawn an ethernet cable....all these add up to -wiener- in my books.

i started tuesday by finding out that our saskatoon gigs were cancelled because the bar double booked us and couldnt switch anything around to help us out. this hurt bad budget wise and just plain sucked all round as we were really looking forward to playing at bud's on broadway. a lot of my fav guitar players came up playing there and i was looking forward to rocking the joint. anyway, we went downtown t-bay to find an internet cafe and after driving around for far too long we ended up going to starbucks for the afternoon so we could figure out what to do about the saskatoon screw up. in the end we realized that it was just one of those things that we cant change so we packed up and headed on over to the venue for the night....the apollo is on a main drag kinda street full of depression, darkeness and dreary. everywhere you look in t-bay is sad, and cold. the saving grace however was the folks at the apollo. we arrived to meet sheila our host. after inquiring about details we were treated to a pork tenderloin dinner by sheila's mom, tina. both sweethearts. the dinner was fabulous and it was topped off with cheesecake!!! we were feeling better already. 

the apollo also had a kick ass sound system that we couldnt wait to send our rawk through. the sound man was alex. a good guy and competent sound tech. we played to a small but appreciative crowd and sheila gave karl bastards the award of best drummer to ever have played the apollo. yup. thats right. gans kicks ass.  at the end of the night we went upstairs to have some wine, chill and crash. thanks to the apollo crew for saving the day in thunder bay. y'all rock! 


  1. Not only did he have the poster, but he dressed up as Micheal for halloween, perm, black hair spray, coco on the face, and the red zipper jacket. Just imagine...

    Ross's brother...

  2. Scott, I'm pretty sure you forgot to mention the glove. I am sure there was a glove.