Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trapped in toronto.

well hello again. we are stil here in hogtown. starting to get itchy feet now. it doesn't really feel like touring when you are holed up in one place for this long.....dont get me wrong, we are having a blast but i think we are all ready to get on the open road......

so the last few days have been quite something. a nice sunday led us to bbqs and beers. great day off! on monday we hit one of our fav spots to east here. its a place called nirvana. its cheap and tasty just like we like 'em. after luch we strolled to kensigton market to chill for a bit. we found a neat little cafe called the hot box cafe. they are pretty liberal there...seemed to be a lot of people enjoying the weird-o space contraptions that were on every table. we had a smoothy and enjoyed watching the staff try and remembner who ordered what. hilarious! needless to say our walk back to the apartment was out of the ordinary. we saw many strange sights. in toronto you can see crazy just about any direction you look. sometimes its fun. sometimes its not.

monday night we bbqed again. then had a couple pops at home before hitting the orbit room. the orbit room, for those that dont know, is a small club on college st that is owned by alex lifeson from rush. on mondays a band called sisters euclid perform. in this band is one dude named kevin breit. kevin is a guitar master. actually all the musicians in this band are masters of their craft. me and the bastards agreed that if we lived in tdot we would be there every monday. this band is simply amazing. i dare you to show me something more awesome that these four guys. they rip it up on so many levels its just sick! i had seen them before so i knew what to expect but they still didnt dissapoint. it was fun watching the bastards see them for the first time. we all agreed that we had our asses blown out! we are still thinking about how wicked they were. right now. this very moment.

yesterday we drove to burlington to play the slye foxe. we have played burlington before but it was nothing like this. the slye foxe has a blues night about once a month or so. on a tuesday from 8-11. good crowd of people and true blues lovers. we're always nervous how aficianadoes will respond to us as we are what i would call the new age of modern blues blending trad with modern. some of the trad lovers dont take to kindly to that. it was evident though after our first tune that these folks were gonna dig it. by the end of the night we had won large. big thatnks to kirsten and m for treating us so well. we had a ball. we also recorded the show and our next podcast will have some of that in it. podcast you say? well thats a nice segue ross. .....

the pod cast is up and you can stream or download it here... big thanks to for helping us with this. looking like we'll have one of these every week so keep on the look out.

well i gotta go now cause we are hopping in the van to go take over st catherines. looking forward to it. i'll try and post again tomorrow.

also i noticed i haven't used capitals or proper spelling in this note and i'm ok with it.


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