Wednesday, April 22, 2009

day off at Uncle Pats & Aunt D's

Well we had a typically perfect day yesterday in Trenton. we arrived at a bright and shiny 6am after a breakfast stop at the ole ten acre in belleville! yum.  once we had rested up we were treated to a nice lunch by auntie D and some quality hangout time in front of the ole big screen. if you can find it check out the documentary about humans disappearing from the earth. very cool.
after some shopping at the LCBO we listened to some of the recordings we did at the rainbow room in ottawa. for a "one mic kinda set up" it turned out decent. we'll be airing some of that show on our first podcast next week. After an amazing supper of some wicked chicken concoction from the one and only Auntie D we got out the recorder and did some "interviewing" for the Podcast. again, this stuff will be on our first P-cast next week! stay tuned. 

well we just returned from a classic bastards breakfast at Stop 33 here in Trenton. possibly my favorite breakfast stop in Canada! at 7.99 the above average Joe is a killer plate of breaky! if you are in Trenton this is a MUST STOP diner. we are just chillin now waiting to head to Cobourg so we can deliver the goods to the Oasis tonight! talk at ya soon,


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