Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday in hogtown

Hey all

well here is a quick lil recap of the last few days for ya.....

Wed. april 22 - we had a great time at the Oasis in Cobourg. This is a smaller place to play but it is always a fun time. they have great food nice folks. people really seem to enjoy the band there and they always take some cd's home! what more can you ask for?

Thursday april 23 - we had some time to kill before we left for the boathouse in kitchener so after we had a killer and cheap breaky at Dapps Family Restaurant in Trenton we hit the Canadian Air Force Museum. Well let me tell ya....this place kicks ass. as far as having quality things to look at, it is over the top. loads of cool things to check out in the first room. the SECOND room is full of a great big ass restoration plane. the plane is the Halifax NA337, a great big f'n bomber type plane that was shot down in WW II . it was so cool to be able to walk all around it and check it out. after we oogled this baby for a while we went outside where they have an array of planes set up. very cool. all around the walk way are little stones with airmen's names engraved (folks who died serving). Very very heavy place all in all. a must stop if you are traveling near Trenton. Thursday night we hit The Boathouse in Kitchener. It was a little anti climactic but sometimes thats just the way it goes ya know? After the gig we wanted to check the Perpetrators from Winnipeg but ended up splitting for Toronto before they hit the stage. Again,just  the way it goes.

Friday April 24th - thats today, as in right now....well prolly not right now by the time y'all read this but its right now for we had a great breaky at the ole Lakeview Diner on Dundas. decent food and real funny staff. i 'spect we'll do that again while we are hear for a few days. After breaky we started putting our podcast together for the monday show. stay tuned for more on that baby!

well, we are about to hop in Ruby and head to Barrie where we'll eat, drink and rock the night away at Sticky Fingers.....tomorrow we head for the Thrilla in Orillia! yep thats right. just what it sounds like. Orillia, Us and good times...aka...thrills.  I can smell it already.....

talk soon, 


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