Monday, April 20, 2009

blogged down

Well hi all. here we are in Ottawa trying to get our blogg on. i guess i'm gonna start by recounting the past few days as we are a little goes:

Wednesday: we prepacked Ruby the van to make sure everything would fit. prolly the tightest pack ever and we got some extra noise makers in there too! very happy about this pack folks!

Thursday: we had our inaugural kick off for the 2009 Special Delivery Tour at the ole snooty fox in Fredtown. good times and thanks to all who came out. after the show we all slept up so we could hit the road nice and early in the AM

Friday: well we got outta town event free and were on the highway by 11.20am. our destination was to be the lovely Le Zaricot in St Hyacinthe Quebec. the drive was fairly ordinary except for the one spot where we saw thousands and thousands of Canadian Geese.  honkers as far as the eye could see!!! It was totally biblical folks! we arrived at the club without being smitted and set up for a night of rawk! We had a pleasant surprise as well..... Our pal,  Charlie A'Court was in the house and it was decided it would be fun for him to warm up the room! While Charlie did his thang we hit the samich (redneck word for sandwich) shop around the corner. decent food. Back to the Zaricot...We hit em with some nice New Orleans stuff to grease em up so we could insert the RAWK straight into the middle of their listenin' devices. All in all we had a good show and fun time as per usual at the Zaricot. After the show we hit the hotel to beer it up and chill as Seerdee (this is a redneck word for saturday if y'all dont parlez the redneck) was a day off. We got some great snore vids from drum guy . maybe i'll post the video when Gans ain't lookin'. we also devised a delicious idea to keep ourselves entertained on this trip....

Seerdee: we hung out in St H for a bit. did the ole Candian Tire right up. bought a thermos and some instant coffee. gotta keep the costs down ya know. we also purchased supplies for what is probably the greatest idea we have ever had....we decided to convert ole ruby into a kitchen with her innards being the cook stove. yes thats right folks, we are cooking on the engine of our van. RAWK! well to be honest the first try didn't go so well. we put the sausages on but by the time we hit montreal they were only warm. we decided to try again on monday. Saturday night we chilled with our friends Patty and hung out at his pal, Andy's house. I learned to lose at poker, as did the bastards. Pat rode a treadmill on a to follow....All in all it was a good time.

Sunday: we were so stoked to play on sunday. the pub is called smoked meat pete's. definetly the best smoked meat sandwich i have ever wrapped my chompers onto. The fries were so good. think mashed potatoes with a crispy shell giving them a big greazy hug! oh yeah! we started out gentle with some straight up blues and gradually slipped the rawk to 'em as the night got dark! by the end of the night we were fast friends with mr. smoked meat Pete hisself! Great guy and a real fun place!

Monday: well after our teary goodbyes (we have feelings too ya know) we decided to hit the grocery store to get supplies for engine kitchen part deux! we found some eggs and ham and green onion. we mixed it all up and threw it in a tinfoil tray, strapped her to the engine manifold and hit the raod with great eggspectations....sorry couldn't resist that pun. we checked the situation out an hour in and realized we needed more time. they were only a 1/3rd cooked when we got to Ottawa. we have made a few more modifications and plan to try again next long road time....stay tuned as we also have video of this momentous idea! as soon as i figure out how we'll start posting the goods! 

So that about brings y'all up to speed. we are killing time now and plan to go to the Rainbow here in Ottawa in a bit to load in and bleed some ears. stay tuned folks. more good times ahead!
stay tuned...

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