Sunday, April 26, 2009

do's and dont's of 7-11ing

Hi all,

Its Sunday. its our first day off since last tuesday. to celebrate we went to the Lakeview diner for breakfast. Its just down the street and it has $3 mimosas! Yup. thats right. Delicious. Now we are chilling at my sisters and waiting to be hungry again so we can fire up the BBQ!

In the meantime i figured i'd recap the last few days......lets see...

Friday April 24th: We went to Barrie to perform at the pub, Sticky Fingers. We played here last summer to a very small but appreciative crowd. This time there was a decent size crowd who were again very kind to us. When we got there we got to eat at the  "tongue" table.  If you are  not a huge Rolling Stones fan then you may not know that the pub is named for that amazing album they put out i n 1971. Sticky Fingers, is part of what i refer to as the holy trinity of stones albums..."Get Yer Ya Ya's out, "Sticky Fingers" and "Exile on Mainstreet".... they have a table shaped like the Stones logo. I thought this was a good sign right away. We had burgers. They we good. We set up our gear after we ate and waited for the sound system to arrive. The P.A. system was provided, and set up, by a fella named Kelly. Nice guy. So nice, in fact, he sold cd's for us. This guy was hardcore. he went to EVERY single person in the room. Sold lots of discs as a result. Just plain awesome.  We celebrated our Barrie victory with a beer after we loaded Ruby. When we got back to Toronto we continued celebrating for a few hours. Saturday we had breaky at Musa's. Without a doubt one of my favorite breakfast spots in Toronto. Everything is good here. It was back in the van to hit Orillia. I hadn't played here since i did The Mariposa Fest back in 2007. Unfortunately it was poorly attended but we, as always, had fun. The folks that did come were awesome and i think they all had a good time too! Big thanks to Amy Mangan for having us up there. The show was real civilized in the sense that it went from 8-11. Because of this great timing we got home around 12.30am and thought we should hit up my favorite Dundas street bar, The Magpie. They have a great selection of beer. We spent an hour there enjoying whiskey and beer. If you are ever have a drink at this place with me you are in luck. For some reason, that i can't explain, when i am at the Magpie i can't help but buy rounds for friends who are with me. Its just that kind of place.

On the way home we stopped at an ever too conveniently located 7-11. Shawn and i happen to be suckers for the taquitos here. The cheese and jalapeno one kicks ass. When we were in the night before we noticed they had some weird new meat product, that looked like a turd,  on the ole roaster. I vowed that we would try it even if it killed us. We got the old standby, taquitos but I also loaded up on what was called a cheese burger dog or something like that. The dude at the counter said it was filled with cheese. Turns out it wasn't. I also picked up some other flavored dogs and we headed home for our 7-11 hot dog buffet. I dont exactly remember what the taste of them was like (probably a good thing) but i do remember being disappointed by them. especially the turd-y looking one. We have some pretty funny video of the taste test that we'll post somewhere later this week. We just need to edit them a bit if you know what i mean.

Well that pretty much gets y'all up to speed. Tomorrow is another day off  and then we're off to Burlington to play the Slye Foxe. Im really stoked for this gig so i'll be sure to update y'all on how it goes.

Till then,



  1. I will not be happy if you have heart attacks before reaching Calgary as a result of the 7\11 buffets!!

    Get a bag of carrots will ya??!! LOL

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm still experiencing some indigestion from 7-11...just sayin'.