Friday, June 12, 2009

Tofino. ahhhhhh.

well what can i say about tofino....if you have not been you simply must. it's without question the most amazing place in cananda i've been to. it has everything one wants.....mountains, rainforests, ocean and very little snow. the drive to tofino is so beautiful. winding roads climbing up mountains, driving along side beautiful lakes and rivers. upon arrival we went down to the marina where we immediately saw the local sea lion who likes to hang out there. we took this as a good sign. after finding out host geoff johnson we loaded in to set up. there were windows all behind us and during sound check i turned around just in time to see a bald eagle swoop down and grab a fishy right outta the water. unreal.

these are only some of the pics that we took. i wanted to put a few up so you can see what i'm talking about even though you wont really get it till you go see for your self......this pic right above is of the amazing long beach. true to its name it really stretches out!

the  pic here is from the top of radar hill and the pic  below of ruby is literally at the end of the line. this is the END of the trans canada highway! the pic below ruby is the marina/harbour. the sunset pic below i took right outside of our hotel room door! we had just enjoyed a feast of crab!!!!

the next pic i believe is another beach right in front of sarah mclauchlans house. this is where we hung out and swam. below that is meares island. this place is full of bonafide rainforest! we strolled around in it for a while and then picnicked on the beach!

i dont know if you can see the sign on the tree in the pic beside this but i thought it was said...beware of flat tires if blocking the driveway......just another local educating the tourists!

well during our time here i took a lot of video and i wanted to put some up for you to enjoy so here is a few......the first one is of a GIANT tree in the rainforest on meares island. you could see right through the tree and if you were brave enough you could go right through it. we tried to convince shawn but he wouldn't do it......the second video is a tree that had a few protrusions on appeared to be some sort of anatomically corrected -ness on the tree......when you are dealing with grown men who are approximately 14 in mentality this is what you get...........

well the first one here is a little sign that we found amusing....again going with the 14 year old mentality.....the second is our big key lime pie find. shawn and i asked every single spot we ate at across canada if they served key lime pie....not a single one. we were duped once in kelowna (big surprise) when we bought what said key lime pie and ended up eating key lime cheesecakes...amateurs....any way we found a spot in tofino with homemade key lime pie. it was freaking awesome!!!!

well it wouldnt be right to talk go on about tofino without putting up some pacific ocean vids. we just had to go swimming....wll in fairness shawn had to go swimming and since none of us can be out done by the other we one by one went into the pacific. it was cold. no, not as cold as the atlantic but freaking cold just the same. in the first video shawn leads the pack and i resist through out...right after this though i succumb and decide i wont be outdone by the bastards and i put the camera down and join in the cold fun. everyone we asked said really? swam? did you wear a wetsuit? (everyone there wears a wetsuit) and we replied...NO! we're form the east coast. we aint a bunch o' sissies! here are the pacific vids.....

well there you have it. some memories from tofino. it's safe to say that as long as we tour to the island we will ALWAYS go to tofino now. its soul soothing fun. big thanks to sean davis in medicine hat for hooking us up with geoff johnson and many many thanks to geoff johnson and all the folks at the weigh west resort. you all showed us an unbelievable time and we can't thank you enough. you truly changed our lives. most of all thanks to rock n roll for taking us such amazing places.

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